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Back from Vacation (and other stuff)

I spent a week on vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia, and did all the touristy stuff I didn’t do when I was stationed down in Norfolk. I didn’t get much writing done, but I did manage to read through a bunch of great Game Chef game entries. I need to write up my reviews of the four games I was assigned and then get back to my Prohibition era gangster game with poker hands as a mechanic.

I have a full-time job interview on Friday that I’m preparing for, including a 15 minute mini-lecture on essay organization. That’s occupying my mind when I’m not trying to distract it away from my nervousness.

Wednesday is the last open mic in Ocean City for the season (it doesn’t run during the summer because of tourists), so I need to pick through my poems and make up pocketmod booklets for that.

After all that, I need to go back through and edit/rewrite “Silo” and then get cracking on a new fiction project. Based on my recent interest in crime serials and the Prohibition era, it might be something along those lines.

Another New Game In Progress

Plus a Silo update. Big plot hole is big. Found a simple solution that works, but shifts the story from realistic sf to sf/f by giving agency to a character that was previously an hallucination. Not the worst trade-off, really.

New game (not sure if this will work) that uses poker as a mechanic for a story-game about the Prohibition Era. The general concept came to me last night while I was trying to sleep. One player is a Fed, and everyone else represents one of the various groups of gangs of the time. The game takes place over the thirteen years of Prohibition, with each poker hand representative of one year. Anyway, that link is to the rough mind map. I’ll smooth it out and fix it up neatly, probably over the next week.

Silo first, second, third drafts done

Left the first copy with a friend and colleague who inspired the story.

He said this:

I found your short story today. You do a great job with detail. After seeing that 60 Minutes episode, it is clear to me that you captured the essence of our fucked up government, and that you are a talented writer as well. I would like to say that the story is all sci-fi, but you are probably too close to reality.

which was nice to hear.

Then I sent it to a friend to edit, took feedback and changed some order and structural elements. Then I posted it at a writing community, took feedback and changed some more structural elements. And now I’ve gone through again for even more edits. I’m about ready to close the book on this story and move on to something else.

Game Design – The Wild Hunt

Link to Prezi Presentation of the final product.

Game design and other stuff

About a month ago I had an idea for a single person role playing game using the basic card game, “War.” I finalized a draft which is going to go up at in a day or two.

This week is Game Chef, a competition to create a playable game using a set theme and four “ingredients” in a week. I’ve knocked out a rough draft, and I think, as a game, it’s done and playable. Now I have to work on adding more story to the mechanics and fixing the presentation.

I’ll post links later this week.

In other news, the Silo story is done its first draft, finally, but I’m going to sit on it for a few days and then go back through it.

I still have about three dozen poems out in the ether awaiting responses, so I’m going to go through last month’s poems, cull the herd, polish the remainders, and then send them out as well.

Cezanne’s Large Bathers

While investigating the status of the English Department’s microphones, I got tired of saying, “Test,” so I used TouchCast to record one of my poems, an ekphrasis about Cezanne’s painting commonly called “Large Bathers” to differentiate it from several of his other works with the same theme.

Came out pretty well, I think.

New Story – Tentatively called Silo

Last week after a discussion with a teaching colleague, the idea for the beginning of a story came clear. I’m not sure if it will ever be publishable, but the research itself has been enlightening. The basic idea is about the current state of US Minuteman missile silos, and one possibly unstable operator standing his watch there.

I’ve still got another 1500 words or so before I’ll call the first draft done, but in order to write those, I need to go back and rework some of the ones already down, just because the time sequencing is all off. That’s my plan for later today now that I’m done grading papers, hopefully for the rest of the semester.


New Publication

At the end of last week a new poem of mine, “Vertigo,” went live over at Mead Magazine. Check it out. It’s in the Sparkling section.